Pouring anything into a drain is not only bad for water quality and wildlife but also illegal. If you see anyone dump anything into the street or directly into a storm drain, please call and report it to your local public works department. 

Be Observant to Protect Water Quality

Stormwater pollution is a major problem in systems where stormwater is discharged directly to area water bodies with no treatment. Illicit discharges, whether unintentional or intentional, can damage the environment and threaten public health. Take note of areas around storm drains and contact the appropriate party (see below) if you suspect that illicit discharges are occuring.

Things to look for:

  • Flow from an outfall pipe during dry weather
  • Distinct odor
  • Water that is cloudy or full of sediment
  • Odd color or sheen
  • Thick or excessive vegetation
  • Leaking containers or other debris

Local Report-a-Polluter Contacts

  • EPA – Northwest Ohio District complaint call center: 1-800-686-6930
  • Lucas County Engineers 24 hour hotline: 419.255.7867
  • City of Toledo Environmental Services: 419.936.3015
  • City of Oregon Department of Public Service: 419.698.7047
  • City of Maumee Sewer Division: 419.897.7190
  • City of Perrysburg:
    • During business hours, Department of Public Utilities: 419.872.8050
    • After hours, Police Department: 419.872.8001
  • Village of Holland: 419.865.7104
  • City of Sylvania:
    • During business hours, Engineering Division: 419.885.8965
    • After hours, weekends, holidays, Illicit Discharge Hot Line: 419.885.8902
  • City of Bowling Green Water Distribution/Waste Water Collection: 419.354.6277
  • City of Northwood Public Service Department: 419.693.9327
  • Village of Ottawa Hills:
    • During business hours, Village: 419.536.1111
    • After hours, weekends, holidays, Village Police Department: 419.531.4211
  • Village of Millbury: 419.836.9671

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