Welcome to Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie

Clear Choices, Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie is a campaign to increase awareness about choices we make and the impact we have on our streams and lakes. Water friendly practices such as using phosphorus-free fertilizer, landscaping with native plants, managing yard and pet wastes, and volunteering to clean up our waterways help make clear clean water available to us. Even small actions can have a big impact on our waterways, so the choice is clear: take a pledge for clean water today!

According to the UN, around 1.2 billion people face water scarcity. This fact is the reason that water conservation is so important for both adults and kids. As parents or guardians, it is super important to teach kids about saving water. Some ways that kids can save water their homes are by turning off the faucet while brushing teeth or applying soap to hands, taking shorter showers, re-wear and reuse clothes and towels if not dirty yet (saves water by doing less laundry), and make sure to turn off faucets all the way (no leaks!). You can also conserve water as a family! Using rain barrels to collect rainwater is a great way to save water, you can water your landscape or gardens with this saved up water instead of using the tap! Look into buying a rain barrel, or you can make your own and personalize it!

Check out more ways to get your kids involved with conserving water and keeping it clean by visiting our Super Kids page!

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