Welcome to Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie

Clear Choices, Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie is a campaign to increase awareness about choices we make and the impact we have on our streams and lakes. Water friendly practices such as using phosphorus-free fertilizer, landscaping with native plants, managing yard and pet wastes, and volunteering to clean up our waterways help make clear clean water available to us. Even small actions can have a big impact on our waterways, so the choice is clear: take a pledge for clean water today!

As we approach the season of giving, choose to give your service and time back to your community and local organizations! Volunteering can benefit you mentally and physically by reducing stress, keeping you social, and giving you a sense of purpose. The more you volunteer the more you’ll experience the benefits, not to mention it also can improve your resume!

Check out our volunteering page to learn about some of CCCW’s volunteer partners and their goals, and don’t forget to look at the event calendar for upcoming volunteer events near you!

Visit our calendar regularly for water quality events in your community