Welcome to Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie

Clear Choices, Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie is a campaign to increase awareness about choices we make and the impact we have on our streams and lakes. Water friendly practices such as using phosphorus-free fertilizer, landscaping with native plants, managing yard and pet wastes, and volunteering to clean up our waterways help make clear clean water available to us. Even small actions can have a big impact on our waterways, so the choice is clear: take a pledge for clean water today!

As the fall season approches, it's time to consider fertilizing your lawn to maintain it's health. Autumn is an optimum time for turf to go through a growth period. According to professionals, your first lawn feeding should be late September to early Octomber, and then again in November around your final mow of the season. But when fertilizing there are things to keep in mind to maintain healthy waterways too. It is always better to use too little than too much fertilizer. Using the correct amount provents these nutrients from running-off into our storm drains and then into our waterways. So make sure you always calbibrate your drop spreader! 

Another helpful hint: set your lawn mower to it's mulch setting, the decomposition of yard clippings left over will promote turf growth naturally and this can reduce your fertilizer needs by 1/3!

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