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Sponsors and Partners

Stormwater Coalition Leadership

Clear Choices Clean Water is led and paid for by the members of TMACOG's Stormwater Coalition. TMACOG and Stormwater Coalition members have entered into an official license agreement with Clear Choices Clear Water, LLC and have permission and authority to use the trademarked and intellectual property of the program. 

Lucas County Engineer's OfficeWood County Engineer's Office
City of ToledoCity of Oregon
City of MaumeeCity of Sylvania
City of WatervilleCity of Bowling Green
City of PerrysburgCity of Northwood
Village of WhitehouseVillage of Ottawa Hills
Village of HollandVillage of Millbury
Lucas County TownshipsWood County Townships

Founding Sponsors

Founding Sponsors provide important financial support to the launch of the program and have helped expand the content and depth of the Clear Choices Clean Water materials. Remember, donations to Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie are tax-deductible. TMACOG will be soliciting founding sponsorships through June, 2017. See our founding sponsor flyer for more information.

Campaign Sponsors

Campaign sponsorships allow us to expand the bredth of topics covered by the program. Campaign Sponsors can donate to an existing campaign or provide the funds to help launch a new campaign. Is there a water quality topic you'd like to see us cover  in the program? Join us as a Campaign Sponsor

Interested in becoming a sponsor or an outreach partner?

For information on becoming a Founding Sponsor, Campaign Sponsor, or an Outreach Partner, contact TMACOG and we will be happy to discuss options and program needs with you. - Sara Guiher, TMACOG Water Quality Planner - or 419-241-9155 x. 1147

This program is only possible because of valued support from sponsors and donors! Get involved – be part of a growing, unified message and enjoy the benefits of a well-thought-out program that can help you measure your impact.

Thank you for your interest in joining us. With your involvement, we will reach more citizens, add more features to the site, expand the campaign topics/pledges, and create other collateral campaign materials for the Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie program.

We will change how people think about water, build their connection to it, and inspire action!  


Be a Part of Clear Choices

Local governments and other organizations in northwest Ohio interested joining the Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie campaign should contact Kari Gerwin.

If you are interested in launching a program outside of northwest Ohio, see the affilliate brochure to learn about becoming an Affiliate of Clear Choices Clean Water.

To learn more about the program, read this Clear Choices Clean Water e-brochure.

    Meet Permit Requirements and More!

    Clear Choices was designed for and by municipal stormwater agencies in order to meet Minimum Control Measures 1 and 2 of the NPDES. Clear Choices streamlines this process and provides an easily-produced report to satisfy permit requirements.

    But that’s not all! You can also use Clear Choices data as part of award submissions such as the EPA WaterSense Partner community award.

      Want more info or need help?

      If you have any questions or concerns about the Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie program please contact Sara Guiher.

      For all technical support questions, contact Jon Eynon.