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About Us

Clear Choices, Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie is a campaign to increase awareness about choices we make and the impact they have on our streams and lakes. Water friendly practices such as using phosphorus-free fertilizer, landscaping with native plants, managing yard and pet wastes, and volunteering to clean up our waterways help make clear clean water available to us. By educating individuals on these important actions and providing citizens with water-focused volunteer opportunities, we empower everyone to do their part for water quality and conservation.

Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie is a cooperative effort between TMACOG's Stormwater Coalition members and many local partners. Since 2003 the Stormwater Coalition has been working to educate the citizens of northwest Ohio, showing how individuals can help to protect and improve water quality in our rivers and Lake Erie. In 2016, members of the Stormwater Coalition decided to fund the launch of an affiliate program of the National Clear Choices Clean Water Campaign based in Indianapolis. The coalition and its partners went live with Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie in Spring 2017.

Listed Below are some of the education programs and resources offered by the Stormwater Coalition over the years.

  • Give Water a Hand – A comprehensive education partnership between the Stormwater Coalition and Partners for Clean Streams covering topics from water conservation and hazardous waste disposal to rain gardens and septic systems. The campaign has reached thousands of homes and small businesses in northwest Ohio.
  • Stormwater Coalition Newsletter – Seasonally relevant information about how to protect water quality. The newsletter is distributed electronically and in print form in each SWC member community.
  • Community Events – SWC member jurisdictions provide one-on-one education in their communities. They share educational materials at county fairs and other events and work side-by-side with community members on river cleanup events.
  • Collaboration with Local Education Partners – SWC members are involved in water quality education efforts in close collaboration with partners including Soil and Water Districts, Partners for Clean Streams, Metroparks of the Toledo Area, and the National Association of Homebuilders


Our Impact

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    Be a Part of Clear Choices

    Local governments and other organizations in northwest Ohio interested joining the Clear Choices Clean Water - Greater Toledo Lake Erie campaign should contact Kari Gerwin.

    If you are interested in launching a program outside of northwest Ohio, see the affilliate brochure to learn about becoming an Affiliate of Clear Choices Clean Water.

    To learn more about the program, read this Clear Choices Clean Water e-brochure.

      Who can I contact for more information?

      Kari Gerwin -