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Fun Activities

Coloring Pages

Do you like making artwork?  Why not make it about the environment?

Facts and Games

There are lots of websites out there with fun facts to read and games to play!


Watch some of these fun videos about water and the environment!


Want to see if you got the answers right?


Crossword Puzzle Answer Key:


2. plant

3. poo

5. line

7. drain

9. geese

10. trash


1. gasoline

4. citizen

6. leaves

8. learn



Want to know even more about the water cycle?

Check out this interactive water cycle graphic to learn even more about the water cycle!

    Sewage in your face!

    Sewage is a big problem for our water quality, whether it's from leaking septic systems or combined sewer overflows.  This website explains it in a very fun way!